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Definitely not the biggest balance problem I've seen in an MMO... maybe over reacting a little considering the time line? It's not like it's been this way since release and the dev's have addressed it somewhat.
But other classes that were deemed to be OP were nerfed within a couple weeks. Not months down the line.

My theory as to why they have not received adjustment is simply the F2P option of SWTOR now. Since it is a game based on the SW universe, the chances are that anyone wanting to try out the game is going to roll a jedi/sith. To keep these individuals motivated and possibly hook them on pvp they need to have a class that is high in defense, high in damage numbers, and relatively easy to play.

Yes, a really good smasher is obvious to everyone, but even someone that has had a relatively short time in playing their toon can put up numbers that are comparative to other classes.

Smashers won't be adjusted until the F2P population stabilizes which probably won't happen until the xpac. However, how many people will sit and wait for a possible readjustment that might take another 3-4 months to get here?