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Just curious, is someone realy buying companion gifts? As a new player i dont realy see a point in getting them, so could u explain why would somebody need it?
the companion gifts model was something straight out of Dragon Age: Origins (and maybe other Bioware games, but I haven't played those). Give Companions gifts, get their Affection up, and you get a number of benefits:

1. Story content - unlock cut-scene conversations with their own unique story arcs and some sidequests. It's also how to experience the Romances.

2. XP - If the story content isn't good enough motivation, then you also get XP for each conversation you do.

3. +10 Presence - For every companion where you finish their conversation chain, you get +10 Presence for every character in your Legacy. It's not as big a deal for high level characters, but if you roll a lowbie alt...? A friend and I are two-manning HEROIC-4s at low level because we both have high Presences thanks to this feature.

4. Crew mission success/crits - Higher Affection leads to a higher percentage of crew mission successes and crits. I don't know the percentages though (and if I am wildly wrong about that, someone please feel free to correct me).
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