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Thread title is wrong and its not updating it when i try to edit it. hybrid tanks take much less damage per second than a full tank build

Edit: I didn't know hybrid gets the same blade barrier and more frequent. And people asre reporting 993 damage absorbed, but this will vary with bonus healing. At a balanced 1800 mitigation pool we have the following taken dps for a 3000dps boss with 10% internal elemental and 50% of attacks at 100% accuracy and the rest 90%.

full: 601.5, hybrid at 561

using 990/9 absorbed dps for hybrid and 990/12 for full we get 519 for full and 451 for hybrid.

this is all based on info you can find in the tanking stat weights thread, along with the damage reduction info from AMR of full 63 jugg tanks.

considering that bonus healing increases the barrier absorb amount, and i think strength influences this stat, i think goign with the high strength mods and the high endurance enhancements is the way to go.