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they got back to me and told me they had did it 6 hours ago finally.... but my full name keeps coming up!?!?!? Does it take another week for your forums to update or something, please give us more information bioware!

some advise Bioware, i worked in customer service for about 10 years when i was younger. it's not the best thing telling your customers that we will get back to you soon as possible, instead give a time frame, if it's normally takes a week, say response time currently is 1-2 weeks. If the change for my username is going to be done within the next hour, u say it will take up to 12 hours to go through the system to update. you just don't leave your customers hanging cause most will think you can get back to a ticket or fix something ASAP. Giving a time frame or what i like to call an ETA is so important to customer satisfaction! I do it to my customers, we say they will receive their shipment within 1-3 weeks where most receive it within a week but we always make out more time due to delays!

I'm only saying this above cause you really starting to piss off cause i hear it in SWTOR all the time! We don't care if it's going ot take a week, just need to know how long!
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