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Greetings everyone,
Hi jflund,

As outlined above, and as per the response to your ticket, you will need to contact Customer Service per phone, they will be able to assist you with your card and future purchases.

Thank you.
Sure, I live in Norway, if you want me to fund your next gaming project then yes, I should give you a call. Like so many others, I am not willing to sit on the phone for hours trying to solve your problem. This is easy to fix, you (BW) can look over my account and removed all creditcard info (since obviously it doesnt happen when I do it from your site). Then problem should be solved.

But no, I will not spend more time on this. My time is valuable, like the rest of us, and to have me, spend MY time, on YOUR mistake. I don't think so.

And just for the record, this here fool, With a Founder Title bestowed upon me ingame, loyal subscriber and a frequent buyer of Cartel coins for at least 350$ will fulfill his end of the bargain and play out the subscription. After that I will move on to other games.

Thank you for your/my time BW.