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I find it interesting that this has turned into a Bastion versus Prophecy of the Five thread all of a sudden. I do wonder why so many Bastion players are browsing these forums, does that hint at something? But with this thread in particular Im not surprised it has attracted our attention as people may be curious who the best are on other servers and maybe want to know if cross-server PVP ever comes.

I was under the impression that Prophecy of the Five was not only the most populated server but also had the largest rated population and highest quality PVP from what I had heard. But those disputing this are from the Bastion, though I can understand arguing for your own server.

The Bastion has about 2 good teams really... but from what Im reading here it sounds like its the same on Pot5.

Talk trash all you like, we wont know unless BW puts in cross server ques and by then rateds may be dead everywhere anyway.
Your post is pretty accurate. The situation is much like when Fatman was about to be merged into our server. Everyone from Fatman proclaimed their PvP quality was superior. When they finally arrived here, they were stomped out quickly.

There are more than 2 good ranked teams on Prophecy of the Five.

From what I'm reading here, it sounds like everyone in this thread from the Bastion wants to play on our server, or talk to players from our server. Does that hint at something? Me personally, I don't visit other server's forums. If I did, it certainly wouldn't be to trash talk players I don't know, have never seen play, and never will see and play with or against.

It is very surprising that a thread from another server that has absolutely nothing to do with the Bastion, has attracted so many players from there. I guess the next won't be nearly as surprising.