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This is nonsense. Big numbers from any class requires time on target which means healing. More healing is more time is more damage. Having said as much, a good smasher WILL dominate the field and the score board. And because its an AOE, guaranteed crit with a DMG multiplier, stacking multiple smashers is not only imbalanced, it's flat out broken. No other reasonable conclusion can be drawn.
Dominate the score board sure, but not the field.

PT Pyro is still the number 1 damage dealer in the field. The number of smashers (respecs+ original specs+new rollers) in pugs is causing most of the complaints. You can call it broken, but it's just popular. Before 1.4 rage was pretty much a jugg only spec. The changes made it viable for an already powerful AC with a huge population, maras.

An adjustment will happen, but I doubt they will break the class. The dps will still be there.
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