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Parsecs of course according to Han Solo!
Well technically, parsecs are a measurement of distance. Not only in the Star Wars universe either, in our as well. In star wars, it equals 3.258 light years. From wookiepedia
By real world definition, a parsec is 3606060/2π Astronomical Units (AU). It is a measurement of distance based on apparent stellar motion as observed from Earth.

Since the Galactic Standard "AU", would be based on Coruscant's orbit (368 days) it would equal 150,349,907,726 meters. This makes a Galactic Standard parsec equal 31,011,894,586,294,500 meters. This is equivalent to 19,247,170,866,776.515 miles.

Note, that it is also possible that the Coruscant Day, Hour, etc. are 0.75% shorter than Earth's, in which case, the AU and parsec would be the same length as Earth's.
Learn more about:Parsecs
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