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01.16.2013 , 03:39 PM | #10
lag can happen sometimes to everyone, no matter how good your PC or how good your internet service is.

as for lag switch and other lag type exploits, they usually stand out because it will be the same person or couple of people and everyone else can notice it.

couple examples...

in a huttball match this morning, i was coming out of respawn and saw an assasin speeding across the last fire pit on his way to score. everything looked normal to me, but someone on my team, saw the same person basically rubber band then teleport into the endzone. in this case, it was just the person on my team getting a lag spike and not because the other guy was cheating.

on the other hand, in a voidstar WZ the other day, a PT was teleporting all over the place and would apear to be laying down whenever he stopped moving. everyone on my team could see it and the only time he could be hit was if he was stunned and not moving. marking him and paying attention to him the entire match, was easy to see he was cheating because it was just happening with him and only when he was being attacked.

when you see something funky happening and its the same person and everyone on your team can see the same thing happening,,, then report it. posting it on forums does nothing.
can't wait for this game to come out!