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I've seen it happening more n more all of a sudden a large amount of lag hits and the most conveinent time for the opposing team. I know it's not my computer as I have 80-100 fps on avg.

I've heard some people say "someone on their team is spamming screan shots which makes no sense on effect to anyone else but the person doing it.

Just wanted to put this out there to see if I am the only person this seems to happen to or if this is an exploit of some kind...
I have seen this occasionally on Bastion. IDK about the screen shots thing but whenever it happens, it has NEVER been to my team or my advantage. Since the only time I see a hint of lag is on the fleet when there are 235 people and since Warzones are a separate instance, I find it hard to believe that the servers are having trouble keeping up with 16 players.