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I'm kind of curious where exactly this was shown. I was a strong proponent of the use relics up until the DG tier came out and we, once again, were shafted with 20 second durations. I'm curious to see how it was shown with the new tier.

my bad, i compared on use defense to one use shield absorb. lemme do some calcs.

i posted the results in an edited post in the impering serentiy thread. but here are the results assuming we are at a 1600 pool and we use the relic on CD and it procs as often as possible (which i dont think is a safe assumtion for the proc relic since i think it will only be active for 3 or 4 hits every 20 seonds unless you have a bunch of adds on you: the proc absorb does come out ahead out of all the dread guard relics, but the war hero ones are still ahead

Def Use shield proc absorb 1700
PT 0.464 0.462 0.46075 0.4566
Jugg 0.42515 0.4237 0.42315 0.42
Sin 0.3519 0.35015 0.34846 0.3452

sorry for the formatting, not sure how to inset tables.

but the summary is adding 100 balanced points is better than any of those relics, unless of course the higher mitigation during the iinterval of use overcomes the mitigation from lower off use intervals, but that would be a per fgiht calc, not really a 3000 static incoming dps.