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Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated this thread, and I wanted to let you know that we haven’t forgotten about our Oceanic players. Now that we’re at a more stable point in time (post Free-to-Play transition and post holidays), we wanted to re-examine this issue. We’re going to be completely honest with you: there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution for anyone. We’ve seen many ideas from you folks such as merging all three servers into one, allowing for transfers to North America servers, and even not doing anything at all, but none of them seem to be an ideal solution for all. This is why we are now opening up this dialogue with you.

In this thread, please let us know what you think the best solution will be for your servers. I know there have been many suggestions already, but I would like to collect the most current ideas for us to consider. After that, our team will review and discuss what is feasible and what makes the most sense to do. Please remember to follow all forum rules and be respectful of each other’s ideas, even if you disagree with it.

Thank you all, and we look forward to your ideas.
Firstly, thank you for posting in the thread... it has become pretty vile but that's what happens when frustration sets in.

There are a few options none of which will please everyone.

I think that the best option to retain current players and attract APAC players unsubbed and draw the APAC players currently playing on the Bastion and Harbinger is a merge.

- Merge all 3 servers to one APAC PVE super server, at the same time offer FREE transfers for APAC accounts BACK to this server so all the people who have re-rolled on US servers have the option to come back and combine their legacies, if they don't select this option to return then they have made their choice and will have to live with it.

- Roleplayers will have their own channel and PvP players will i'm sure be fine with the loss of the very occasional world PvP they rarely come's non existent anyway..ive found more real world PvP on Harbinger by finding flagged people.

Let things settle and by the time it has i would imagine actual paid transfers will be ready and if people still aren't happy they can then find their own solutions and pay for the service.

If transfers are offered as the actual solution right off the bat however...i'd imagine most would just leave their current server, Master Dar'Nala in particular would be a worse ghost town.

Also, if transfers are the solution please don't make it only PvP top PvP and PvE to PvE... alot of peope's legacy is now accross multiple types of servers.

And finally ....whatever the initial solution it must be free, it was free for the US and EU it must be free for us too. For me, i have my own account with 6x50s plus multiple lower levels plus my sons account with 1x50 and dozens of low levels... if i am forced to pay to combine these characters to one server it will break the bank and my unsub will be swift.

I think all in all the game is good and getting better, i'm looking forward to patch 1.7 alot and even more for Makeb. The difference though is when you play on a healthy server like Harbinger and do something simple like go to the GTN ... and there's 18 pages of Molecular Staiblizers or 150 pages of Orange Gear... it's hard to go back and even play on Master Dar'Nala ...i know a full merge of APAC won't give us Harbinger levels of population ..but it''ll be close and for me at least, that'll be good enough.

Thank you for asking for our input.