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01.16.2013 , 02:15 PM | #4
Because they made a mistake with the advertisement again, if I were to guess. They had to change the spymaster and phantom gear because it didn't look like it did on the picture.

Well, neither did the new dance outfit. It was red, but on the picture it was white. White and yellow, to be precise, and in the 100 page thread about the spymaster and phantom gear they said they would change the dance outfit so it looks like it does on the picture.

HOWEVER, this time they screwed up bad! Because on the picture, the dance outfit is white and yellow. I.e, the dance outfit that came from the previous cartel pack. They couldn't make it look like the old one could they? No doubt they are trying to hit the middle ground here, or something.

And take my words as wild guesses based on the experience of what I've seen from Ea/Bioware as of late. :/