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On our first couple of tries we had Gosia on Firestorm, Kamii on Stormcaller, and Ny'sha on the ground. The problem with this approach starts on the first shields phase:
  • I have the aggro from Stormcaller meaning I must kite the Electrical Disturbances.
  • Gosia has to go under the shield on Firestorm's side to kill the three Trandoshan Shooters.
  • Ny'sha has to go under the shield on Stormcaller's side and somehow manage to heal everyone and kill the two adds there.
Even if we survive this we will all be very low on health and it's very hard to recover.
Our "three man progression group" has a slightly different composition, so we might have a bit more luck with this strategy. Specifically, we're running a Focus Sentinel, Gunnery Commando and Combat Medic Commando. This is advantageous for this strategy in two ways: the gunnery commando can heal himself after nuking the adds, which he can do more easily due to superior AoE, and the commando healer is able to quickly AoE down the adds in ways that an operative would not (OS takes too long and too much energy).

My thought is that we put the commando DPS on firebrand, the focus sentinel on stormcaller (since armor doesn't matter there). Healer on the ground between the tanks, kiting back-to-front. Healer goes into the stormcaller shield and Mortar Volley + Pulse Cannon + Hammer Shot. The focus sentinel kites lightning. If absolutely necessary, they can pop Zen and insta-nuke the SC adds by quickly leaping into the shield immediately following a lightning drop, smashing and moving on again before the next one falls. I don't think that'll be necessary though. When we 5 manned this boss, I (on my commando healer) was able to take the SC adds down to about 30% before the DPS even made it to the shield, and that was without compromising my ammo management.

Two cleaves at once is definitely a non-starter. There's just no way you'd be able to heal through that much damage, so any working strategy would need to keep a person on each tank. One possibility would be to have the commando dps on stormcaller but *standing* on the ground, kiting lightning. This really only helps in that the healer can stand on a tank and concentrate on keeping people up, but I don't think that's much of an advantage (kiting isn't hard).
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