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01.16.2013 , 01:12 PM | #111
Haha tbh I have on occassion joined in and I'm a subber but sometimes the general chat is hilarious. Whoever says it's just f2p is nonsense as the subbers are as bad. I don't mind some adult jokes etc by people who have actually thought about what they are saying and found myself in tears at some of the responses to trollers etc. What I find more annoying are the ones who keep putting non-amusing (albeit clean) garbage in there. Here are my top 10 general chat PEEEVS lol

1) "Cake Is A Lie".....(ok this was funny for a bit, but now every idiot says it every 2 minutes with "Pie is a lie" "Cake is pie" and utter nonsense and it just grinds on you. That said when these idiots hit planets after the 2nd one they get told to shut up more haha)

2) "We have cookies".....(***, seriously......why is this funny?)

3) English speaking people deliberately talking in their native tongues to pee off the general chat. Even their own countrymen get narked off by this. You don't RP in general chat, so don't speak dutch in english chat.

4) Racism......eugh....nuff said

5) "This game's stupid, you can't even swear in chat without getting bleeped out"....(yeh it's the game that's stupid)

6) Spoilers.....(why do idiots love to mention every single thing they've done in their class quests to general chat? we don't wanna hear it!!)

7) "How do i get to?.....".......(use the map!)

8) F2Pers moaning that they have a limited experience.......u get what u pay for

9) "It's sick I can't even play this game cause I don't have a credit card. Why don't they let us play".......UKASH and TIMECARDS are available everywhere.

10) "GW2 is better than this. Go over there"...."WOW does this bit better"...other MMO comparisons....zzzz