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I should of had this months ago but resubbing off and on at months at a time.

I am throwing in my towel the moment I get my last 2 valor ranks

debating between VG or Shade

Like I said should of had it nearly a year ago but ive been taking breaks, due to the failism that called pvp
i'm a fool, honestly.

i have not been able to PvP since the server merges. the latentcy from TN to The Garbinger is NEVER <100ms, in warzones 300-3000ms consistantly. prior to FTP/merges, i PvP'd daily...even on my Merc, without issue.

i, along with my fellow Mercs and commandos, have been hindered for entirely too long, and i don't understand the complete lack of acknowledgement by BW/EA, or their inability to directly address and fix it.

well, i do...FTP = $$$. CC = $$$.

they have their priorities. and class balance, OWPvP, RWZs, and replayable content (other than class stories) are not it. it's $$$.

i'm a fool. a fool to continue to pay for a piss-poor product.
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