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Ok I have been looking at some of the outfits between my toon and a guildmate..
We have on the same outfit between our toons and wondering why our outfit colors are so different?

At 1st we thought it was the hair color causing the outfits to show up different in game window.
But it looks like itís a skin tone thing..Both our toons have white hair but our skin tones are a lot different.
When making the look of my toon, I went for the skin tone in the #20- 25 skin tone scale range.

My guildmate has all her toons in the lower numbers of the fairest skin tone scale..
Her toons outfits show up in game way darker then my toons.

The color seem to show up on my toonís Avatar in-game a lot lighter than what is shown in on my Char. Sheet
[Pic below] and when I use the preview window the outfit is showing up the same color as my Char. Sheet. I was really really disappointed after unbinding the Top and putting it on to finding it was a NOT the Bright Pink that had showed me in the preview window.

My toons colors seem washed out and pale..why is this?

Also most of the Belts and Bracers donít seem to unify colors correctly.
Why not just us the same options as our Helm.. to not show.
The players that wear the dancers outfit look really odd with bulky belts and bracers.

Added 1-18-13
Adding another Pic.... It's of my Smuggler, She is in Med Armor called Aspiring Knight's Vest.
As it seen in the Pic. below my armor color is darker on my Char. Sheet and light Gray in game and other players say they see the Light Gray color as well ... so I know its not a Screen Contrast setting, like I thought at first.
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