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Looks like someone doesn't know how to play Annihilation correctly.
Carnage cannot match Annihilation's sustained dps.
True statement, but making that work in the "real world" of progression is easier said than done.

In some fights, fine-tuning tactics can increase uptime and reduce the odds that Annihilator stacks will fall off, giving Annihilation the edge.

In some fights, you can't avoid downtime, and as soon as Annihilator stacks fall off, Carnage pulls ahead in the sustained DPS race no matter how good you are (especially if it happens more than once).

The problem isn't Annihilation, the problem is design philosophy for PVE endgame. Changing Annihilation is an inferior option to slight modifications to how encounters are built.

Likewise, from a PVP perspective the DPS of the spec isn't lacking, but how it's applied is not ideally suited to current WZs or the current state of the metagame. Battlefield design and TTK are what make Annihilation inferior, not Annihilation itself. There's no way to tweak Annihilation for PVP without complete resdesign that will address its performances in current warzones or with current average TTK.
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