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01.16.2013 , 12:07 PM | #1939
Thank you for replying Joveth.

As you have stated there is no obvious answer but I know from talks during intra guild meetings on Gav Daragon that there are plenty of players who find it hard to justify committing to the game over the long wait times on GF and WZ queues, as well as difficulty finding groups to even try end game ops and world bosses. This of course impacts on sales for Cartel coins and subscriptions.

The population on each server individually does not allow playing of the game as intended or advertised. But there does seem to be enough across all combined for a single server akin to the super servers of other regions.

In no way would all players be satisfied by being merged, with good reason.

In no way would all players want to close down all three servers and move to the US servers as lag times would make our players less compedative for NiM ops and PVP across that distance.

I personally think a merger would be the way to go, sacrificing the smaller two servers to the stronger, but backed up by an option for players from those servers to get transfers as soon as available to other region servers if they would prefer thier server type over the latency issue.

No doubt you are resigned to getting flack for whichever way you finally decide to go, but please keep the forums informed of what you can as this progresses. The silence has been distressing.
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