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I also have this problem. I sent in a ticket a few days ago and it was answered that day. So the response time was excellent. Unfortunately, the only thing the agent said was we apologize for the inconvenience and they re-awarded me the item which disappeared again with no register in my abilities/vehicle tab when I activated it. I wish they would have just told me about the "hidden" abilities cap. Seems a lot of the CS agents are not up to date or on the same page with each other.
Even better, CS CAN delete old mounts you already know so you can learn new ones! They did it 1 time for me because I wanted to learn my throne. Which I could do after they deleted the other mount.

When I asked them to delete 20 of my old ugly mounts and reinstate the mounts as an "item" to be put on my bank so I have "skills free" to learn cool new pets and mounts I bought WITH REAL MONEY they refused this and told me to be patient! That was 5 weeks ago!

So they are just to lazy to make up for their mistake. I am not worth 20 minutes of their time to at least temper my frustration a little bit so I can learn the mounts/pets I want to have and which rest on my bank.

But well what shall I say??

All people like me who bought all the Legacy perks (they count as passive skills!) and are mounts/pet collectors have this problem.


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