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Sith Warrior
  • Ruin is Moved to the first tier of the tree.
  • Unstoppable Now activates on obliterate and Force Leap and causes 75% damage reduction.
  • Decimate Now Lowers the Cooldown on Smash by 100% and increases damage output by 42%
  • Overpower has been reworked to apply the same effect it ha dpreviously but to obliterate instead. It also creates one shockwave stack each Proc. To signal the prduction of a shockwave stack a recording of James Earl Jones saying "You Don't Know The Power of The Dark Side" will play.
  • Obliterate now causes a 3 second AoE Snare and Cracks the armour around your oppenents reducing armour by 42%.
  • Dominate has been reworked to make all smashes within the 20 second time frame have a 100% crit chance

These changes will not be made to Guardians to ensure and overbearing wave of dominance from the Imp Side.
Kray i expected you to give me a little more... Make unstoppable 10 seconds, rampage 100% chance, and give ravage a duration long snare and ill be happy