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I think the point is that if the droid technology can decide for itself to not pull the trigger does that count as free will? Or does it just count as complex programming? The hardcode in that droid might have an algorithm running to determine how much that individual means in the grand scheme of things and could be coded to accept whatever punishment might be inflicted to it instead.

At the end of the day the human brain is just a complex computer made of flesh instead of whatever they make computers out of these days. There will come a point down the line that we figure out how the brain works and can replicate it. Actually most likely due to knowing that light travels faster than electric we will be able to make a brain that works on light so computers will end up more intelligent than us.

Also I think humans are programmed, you may think it is free will stopping you pulling that trigger but it is more like the coded belief that life is precious making you feel like pulling the trigger is a bad thing. That is programming.

There is really no such thing as free will except in a total anarchic system, but an anarchic system will never be, because by its very nature it would never occur and never last. Our will is always subverted by what we are programmed to believe is the correct way to behave. Ask yourself if you would feel guilty for shooting your best friend in the face, the guilt you would feel is programmed in, and anyone who doesn't feel that guild is labelled as a mental deviant, even though technically they are the ones with actual free will because they can make their decisions free of this programming.
Yes. Humans are 'programmed', but not in the way (I think) you think. There are 2 big differences between a human and droid :
1. the soul
2. droids are man-made. Humans are God-made.
(I don't expect you to agree with me on this)