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Greetings everyone,

As we are still seeing confusion around the error message received when cartel coin purchases are not being processed, we have recreated the thread with all the latest information from the Cartel Coins FAQ in one place.

Why is it that some of my Cartel Coin purchases fail with an error message?

As with any online purchase, Cartel Coin purchases may fail for a variety of reasons. If you have never successfully purchased Cartel Coins, there are a number of things to check which may be causing the error you are seeing:
  1. Check that your billing address registered on exactly matches the address your payment provider has on record for you
  2. You must be making the purchase from the same country your payment card was issued from for example if you are using a US Credit Card to buy coins from Europe, your payment may fail for this reason.
  3. Double-check the card information you have provided to be sure that there are no missing or transposed numbers in your card number, CVV number or expiration date.

If you have successfully purchased coins before, and are now unable to buy more, this could be because there is a limit to the number of Cartel Coin purchases any player may make per day, if you have passed this limit, you will not be able to make more Cartel Coin purchases for 24 hours.

There may be additional restrictions in terms of transaction numbers or spending limits which are imposed by your payment provider and are beyond our control. We would always suggest that you check with your payment provider in cases where there is no clear reason for a transaction to have failed.

For those of you still experiencing issues after going through the steps above please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service by telephone:

Thank you.
For the love of Sith this isn't why this is happening. 2000 customer posts and you just close the thread and throw it under the rug. 2000 complaints and you just close the thread a throw up the same cut and past response. Bravo. Just Bravo. The problem is on Your end not customers this time and you know it.
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