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01.16.2013 , 11:41 AM | #14
The real problem in this fight is that there are too many mechanics to be handled by 3 people. So what we were trying to do was ignore as many of them as possible.

On our first couple of tries we had Gosia on Firestorm, Kamii on Stormcaller, and Ny'sha on the ground. The problem with this approach starts on the first shields phase:
  • I have the aggro from Stormcaller meaning I must kite the Electrical Disturbances.
  • Gosia has to go under the shield on Firestorm's side to kill the three Trandoshan Shooters.
  • Ny'sha has to go under the shield on Stormcaller's side and somehow manage to heal everyone and kill the two adds there.
Even if we survive this we will all be very low on health and it's very hard to recover.

We decided to switch our tactic in an attempt to completely ignore the Trandoshan Shooters on Firestorm's side. Gosia and I both started on Stormcaller and did everything as usual, including killing the Trandoshan Shooters under that side's shield until we got Stormcaller under 20%. This meant we didn't have to deal with any more shield phases. This approach however resulted in some issues aswell.
  • Ny'sha has the aggro from Firebrand while Gosia and I are on Stormcaller.
  • After Gosia and I switch to Firebrand we are simultaneously getting cleaves from both tanks, which is more damage that can be healed through.
  • There are 12 Trandoshan Shooters on Firebrand's side which we try to keep out of range but one false step means an almost instant death.

We have come up with some, hopefully better, tactics which we will try this week and will keep you updated on progress.

Thank you all