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This is different problem all together. When Lucas originally developed Star Wars he only created a history not even 50 years before the time of the first movie. Since then nearly two dozen authors have written stories set both before and after the movies. Many of them try to create stories as large as the original trilogy and keep adding bigger and bigger weapons or more advanced/exciting technology. By doing this it dilutes the advancements of the original stories. It's a classic case of "too many cooks...." It's evidenced by the existences of multiple levels of cannon. Had only one or two people been given the rights to author books, and only books based on outlines provided by Lucasfilm this problem wouldn't have been as bad.
I am not sure if I blame GL/The Authors or the fans for this. You only have to see people wanting fashion in the old republic to be the exact same as in the film era to realise that people don't put any thought into things.
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