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To the people that keep posting about how it only takes a bit of time to get it on my server Imps lose most of the time. I also have a job and a plethora of other responsibilities. Plenty of people are in a similar situation. When I do get to play it takes forever to get any amount of commendations. So no it'll take forever just to get a full set of War Hero.

The OP is totally right. PvP should be more about skill and less about gear. I think BioWare is thinking the same thing too. The game shouldn't have massive gaps between players that makes it less about skill and strategy and more about gear. I'm not sure what needs to happen but TOR PvP needs a smaller gap.
The gap is tiny right now. I understand that you don't have a lot of time. I don't either. A lot of players don't. But it just doesn't take very long to get gear these days. Let's just assume that you have enough time to get in 3 WZs per day, winning 1 and losing 2 on average. Let's also assume that you can complete the weekly in 7 days by sneaking in 2 more wins over the course of a week.

I am also going to assume that you are earning well below average commendations: 100 for a win and 60 for a loss. To be honest, earning 100 for a win is pretty awful, and you really need to be getting more. It isn't that hard under the new medal system. So with all that factored in, how does that work for our weekly commendation income?

1x Weekly
300 Ranked
300 WZ

7x Daily
700 Ranked
700 WZ

9x wins
900 Comms

14x losses
840 Comms

1000 Ranked WZ Commendations
2740 WZ Commendations

That is a lot of weekly commendations in an extremely conservative estimate. In one week, that lets you purchase the following:
2 Relics (550 each / 1100 total)
2 Implants (625 each / 1250 total)
1 Earpiece (625)

At that rate, you would have full WH in no more than 3 weeks.

Now, you mentioned that "it takes forever to get any amount of commendations" when you are playing in a WZ. This is a big alarm bell for me. It really isn't that hard to get commendations if you are trying to win and are remotely decent at the game. You earn 2 medals just by earning 500 attacker and defender points. You earn another medal for dealing a laughable 75k damage. You earn another medal for killing just 10 enemies. That puts you halfway to the 8 medals you want, the remainder of which should be super easy to get either by defending, tanking, healing, or attacking.

If you are having such a hard time earning commendations, you might need to get better at PvP. I haven't played with you so I don't want to judge you, but just based on what you said about earning commendations, your problem might not be with gear but with skill.
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