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Hi again,

I understand this is frustrating, but we can't give out internal details.

Fixes can be delayed from their intended deployment date due to a number of reasons, and we can't confirm something even if we're 99.99% sure it's locked in.
Sure you can give out internal details. There are no public laws prohibiting you! The reason you dont is because YOU DO NOT WANT to give them out.

This is the very core problem about dealing with your customers. And it was adressed when you fired Mr. Reid and promised to change that "secrecy/soon" behaviour with your customers which unfortunately you did not.

You see us Germans with our very different legal system (we do not have punitive punishment payments) just get angry and frustrated. But in the US this is different I have heard.

And I believe that in the US that selling a good (cartel packs which people buy to a huge content because of its rare mounts and pets) for real money where the person who buys it can not use its content (like mounts and pets) due to your fault and you know about it like stated above and you still keep on ADDING new mounts and pets therefore increasing the number of players who hit the skill cap and you do not warn your customer in any way about this is considered FRAUD!??

So please at least send out an official warning through your launcher or put the sale of mounts/pets/cartell packs to a halt until the skillcap problem is fixed.

Otherwise I think you might get into big trouble if US clients of yours will sue you.

But that is just my 2 cents and as I am not a legal expert, not even on German law, I might be fundamentely wrong.

Will try now Yoga to fight my frustration I have with Bioware/EA. Maybe that helps, writing here seems to be a waste of time.

Thx anyhow for answering a second time...rarely seen =)

Have a great day.

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