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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthObelisk View Post
It would be for pve sorry if i forgot to mention that in the original post
here are my stats with out crit buff
melee accuracy 99.78 with a accuracy rating 281
force accuracy is 109.78
crit w/o agent's buff 32.05
multipler 75.56
and my primary melee dmg is 820-1022
Your accuracy is probably good where it is - if you wanted to, you could drop one accuracy enhancement for a surge enhancement, but diminishing returns on surge kicks in hard at 75% anyway, so it wouldn't be much of a gain.

Personally, I try to keep my crit chance at 40% buffed because the crackling blast talent makes crit shocks and discharges hit incredibly hard. In order to do that, though, you need to balance crit rating and willpower, because crit rating also starts to hit diminishing returns.

But yeah, short answer: For me personally, stack crit to 40% buffed (so 35% unbuffed) and then stack power.