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No, I meant that main stat stacking is more of a DPS gain than power in most cases, when you factor in how extra crit affects DPS. Also, crit rating and main stat crit bonus are on different diminishing returns, so aiming for a certain percentage is unreliable. Furthermore, main stat crit bonus' diminishing return is extremely low, and current gear doesn't get anywhere close to where it becomes a problem.
I stick with what I said before. Use WP augs until your crit is where you want (as you would with any min/max), from there use power.

The increases are tiny so this discussion is close to pointless on sin/shadows Let's put it this way. If a player has stock WH gear, no itemizing. (When itemizing the gain from WP augs would change because of the mods/enhancements used.) Anyway.. the actual numbers.

Each power aug gives you .4 (straight+) more damage/bonus damage than WP
Each WP aug gives you .1% (diminishing on crit & damage) more crit than using Power.

Using 14 WP augs you will see diminishing returns on both the damage return and the crit return (compared to power). If sin/shadow had a multiplier those returns would go up noticeably, but the higher overall gains would be more than power.

My set up uses 11 WP augs so crit hits my benchmark, the last 3 are power augs.
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