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As deception and even madness we get increased damage to critical hits (basically a giant power / surge boost) Surge IS
important and unless you go for critical / accuracy or power / accuracy you will have a higher surge of say 78+. Accuracy, though useful and it would be nice to have a passive stat in say surging charge, is better off being dropped and replaced with as much power / surge as you can. Voltiac slash / thrash does not get dodged too often, maul may be dodged by just maul again. The big hitters are all force attacks.

Like i said, with zero talents for mainstat / accuracy / critical we are very hard to itemize from every other toon (i have them all, raided with them all). My merc and sniper can push 1100+ tech bonus damage because they have STATS on their trees that allows for more power mods / enhancments.
This, coupled with the fact that a lot of the Hazmat implants have no accuracy whereas your black hole did, changes your stats around a lot once you equip them.

Our option? Keep your black hole implants with accuracy - or equip your hazmat ones. In doing so, you need to replace basically every enancement with an accuracy stat to maintain your 110/100. Me personally? I am all hazmat / dreadguard. I run deception on certain bosses or madness on certain bosses. I can beat down marauders and powertechs regularly on MoX - usually I am top of the list if not 2nd or 3rd by a small fraction of a point.

Why? Because i forgo accuracy in favour of power and surge. In all 63's, I have around 1045 force bonus damage, 106/96 accuracy and 35+ crit with the madness talent when spec'd madness. In my full 63 sniper, I can have 1100+ tech bonus damage, 36+ crit, 110/100 accuracy. THIS is what I am talking about. Now, I am a pretty good Sin DPS - I have yet to meet anyone better really lol. I still think we need a few talents, maybe mainstat and accuracy in the surging charge stance. And lets not discuss how badly the deception tree needs to be revamped. Why I have to take low slash for voltiac slash in an OP is beyond me. Three points for a 5 stack surging charge thats NEVER used?
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