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Republic darkside is a bit bipolar, honestly. Most of the *major* decisions for both class and planet quests have you protecting the Republic at any cost; kill the few to save the many, allow a petty enemy more power in order to stop the greater threat, that sort of thing. The smuggler is a bit of an exception with darkside decisions slanted more toward greed and callousness, but the Knight and Trooper in particular pick up a lot of their DS points by killing dangerous enemies instead of attempting to redeem/arrest them, or confiscating supplies for the war instead of giving them to hapless locals, etc etc.

On the other hand there are a crapton of other smaller DS decisions that are purely petty malice. Hurting people for the evulz, as it were. A lot of them don't really make sense in the context of the wider story, either (a Jedi slowly falling to the Dark Side, maybe, but a trooper who was really the type of person to pull some of that crap would never have made it into Havoc Squad, much less stuck around trying to save planets from destruction). Of course, even if you skip them all, you can still make Dark IV or V by endgame. So you kind of have a choice of two different darkside characterizations: cackling comic book villain wannabe complete with glowing red eyes who seeks only the suffering and debasement of all other life, or crusading knight-templar who strives obsessively to pursue an overriding duty with no regard to the moral consequences or human cost.