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01.16.2013 , 09:11 AM | #2
As much as people like to debate willpower vs power, you don't actually get much choice to try trading one for another on even terms.

The first place you can trade off is aptitude mods as they provide endurance, willpower, and power. The base, A, and B variants provide different amounts of each. For these, I recommend the non lettered variant. This is the high power + high willpower variant. Point for point, willpower is little better than power due to your +% from your skill tree and +% from your class buff. However, the amount of power gained from the base version of an aptitude mod is significantly higher than the A variant compared to the difference in willpower between the two and this is enough to make the base version superior in my mind.

The other place you can trade off is in your choice of augments. You might as well take willpower here. Once you get very high (2100+) willpower, the diminishing returns on willpower start making power more attractive. I keep trading back and forth here to keep my crit change right at 40% with smuggler buff. Some people like lower crit, but I've been very satisfied with this is working out for me.