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If you mean that Star wars wasnt the 1st to copy it your right. Still have yet to see something from pre 1997. Your link just contained 2 titles that were made after 2000. Am pretty sure Donovan was 1st to use it.

Edit: and its not just meatbag either. Watch Lexx sometime, his attitude and smart ***** remarks, are very similar in general to HK (Bender too) and though he's a disembodied robot head and not an assassin droid, every time he has a body he tries to murder and or enslave people, and despite the fact he's kinda with the protagionists, lol great show n made in 1997 before all of those, I guess i dont really care he doesnt get credit, it just bugs me that i didnt know it until recently, Paul Donovan made the cool character first.
I don't think there intentional ripoffs of 790, but i'm a huge Lexx fan, and know it came before Futuarama, and the 1st KOTOR . You can't deny all 3 of those characters have pretty similar personalities, maybe it's just coincidence, or maybe they saw Lexx and came up with there own versions of the same character, either way all 3 of them are dam hilarious.