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Then roleplay the OGRs with other players, pretend you have world PvP by turning the PvP flag on and going out into the world, pretend you have new end-game PvE content by making your own challenges in existing content and /sit on chairs to have useable chairs.

Really, though, if you want to express your displeasure at Bioware being progressive, there's already a thread for that. This is not that thread.
Hmmm...have RPed OGR and SGR with friends. Is textfighting pretending you have world PvP flag set? Likely. RP storylines with guilds...yeah, that likely accounts for new end-game PvE content.

I say this mostly because I don't recall the poster saying they were against SGR, thusly they didn't really show displeasure with the idea, just they thought other areas needed more attention.

Though I notice a habit of posters in this thread seeming to think (as your post comes off as) anyone who isn't OMG FOR IT is against it.