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Ha yes that's an interesting way to look at it all. Though we shouldn't have to do that, BioWare should do it.

Getting a ad on Australian TV, a dev interview in popular media or any other SWTOR advertising in Australia could make a massive difference. I may not be well versed in the art of marketing, but it seems a no-brainer to me.

Why not actually put a tiny bit of work into selling the game to Australians?

Well, not to get too ranty, but why stop there? Sell the game in the US too. This game is way under-marketed atm.
A lot, if not most, advertisement for MMO's comes out of player word of mouth. EA can get a developer all they want on Australia television, however the moment the average gamer googles the title up for a little more info and is faced with waves of negative comments on the internet, (s)he'll be quickly turned down.

In this regard I personally think the player's can be of much greater importance than EA. Just start by bringing positive messages surrounding the game to Australian gaming boards, metacritic, etc. Rather than trying to get more gaming sites to post on how dead those servers would be.

After all, if you were looking to play a game after you just saw an ad about it; which would you rather play?

1. The game of which many people complain servers are dead, gaming sites write on the subject as well, and there's little positive to be found.
2. You find many comments on the game of players which are really enjoying the questing, find a well sociable atmosphere and have fun playing.

I know I for one would avoid no.1 like the plague. A publisher can try and advertise all it wants, however if the community has taken over the shovels and started digging a grave so deep even the bottom can no longer be seen, I'll be going well around it.
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