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Its actually a pretty common trope. Homicidal robots as a whole tend to use similar dialogue. Bender from Futurama also refers to humans as meatbags for comedic effect. So I don't really see it as strange.
If you mean that Star wars wasnt the 1st to copy it your right. Still have yet to see something from pre 1997. Your link just contained 2 titles that were made after 2000. Am pretty sure Donovan was 1st to use it.

Edit: and its not just meatbag either. Watch Lexx sometime, his attitude and smart ***** remarks, are very similar in general to HK (Bender too) and though he's a disembodied robot head and not an assassin droid, every time he has a body he tries to murder and or enslave people, and despite the fact he's kinda with the protagionists, lol great show n made in 1997 before all of those, I guess i dont really care he doesnt get credit, it just bugs me that i didnt know it until recently, Paul Donovan made the cool character first.