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01.16.2013 , 07:21 AM | #5317
Look who cares about all this SGR junk. BioWare needs to just include the content in an update for free instead of charging (as some reports are stating) and everyone else raising a stink, let it go. Its with a companion so who really cares?? I mean in all reality, if homosexuality has been around as long as humanity has been, did you ever expect it to not exist in the future?? People, pick your battles. Is this really worth 500+ pages of debate? Like so many have said before, if you have a problem with SGR but not with slaughtering people and looting their corpses, perhaps you should re-evaluate your thought processes. All in all, its a game and the LGBT folks are still people too. BioWare (what's left of you) you've already under enough fire over this game as is, don't create another reason to run folks away from this game. Find a happy medium and play on.