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01.16.2013 , 06:37 AM | #28
I came back to the game after a long break and I must say I have never done flashpoint before (geared on operations to almost full rakata), and after coming back was a bit shocked that you can skip so many bosses but I never complained. I started using Group Finder to learn how to tank again because after such a break I was not sure if I can still do it. I must say I enjoy doing the full run because it's more training, but I also don't care if we skip, because in a matter of minutes I can do another Flashpoint and kill some bosses again. I think everyone here has it's own preferences and it doesn't matter how you do it. If people in my party want to skip we skip (even though at first they had to show me how to do it, and people were really not too nice when I was doing Lost Island HM for my first time and I did not know how to skip - good thing I was a decent geared tank otherwise I would probably get kicked). When I queque for a Flashpoint I always think that we will do a full run and I'm trying to have enough time for that.

What I want to say is there is no need to argue about such a thing. I understand the people who want to skip, because they did the flashpoint so many times and don't want to waste their time for people they don't even know!. But I also understand the people who want to try the full flashpoint, because there are many reasons to do so. You can always quit the group if you don't like it and find people that have the same preferences you do. I think there will come a time when people who complain here will start to skip bosses or just stop doing flashpoint after they gear decently.