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I could care less if there were any romance options in the game its unnecessary any ways. Regardless of what they said the intended to do early on it shouldn't affect actual improving the game after the fact.
I'm sorry, but I think you're missing a "not" in your first sentence.

When you say you could care less, it means that you care at least a little bit - so you can care less than that amount.

On the other hand, when you say you can't care less, it means that you care so little about it, that you couldn't care any less than that amount of care, which is 0.

And if that made sense to you, I'm glad. I have a feeling it's a little wordy, and my point might have got lost in all the verbage.

What I'm trying to say is, you meant to say that you "couldn't care less".

If you want same gender relationship RP with a friend in the game. I would imagine that would be more fulfilling then a cut scene fade to black/occasional flirt option. I would rather see money invested in real game development and not npc relationships.
It's not the same. None of my RL friends play SWTOR, and my partner plays so little (that is to say, not at all any more), that I have no one to RP with. I've had some pretty bad experiences with RPing in MMOs - enough that I prefer to do my RPing in RL groups (of my friends)... I play MMOs for other reasons - in SWTOR, one of those would have been SGRs if they had been available.
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