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Quote: Originally Posted by mattycutts View Post
Yeah it is possible.

I often rip out pvp mods and send over ina legacy item to my cybertech or artivice etc.

Not cheap though, costs around 11-12k per item u rip out of ya pvp armour plus the cost of ya legacy armour.
Yea, not cheap at all, its the cost of the legacy armor around 1m, not bothered to much about the cost of ripping mods out, strangely enough.

Now once I send over this armor with those mods in to another char, am I then able to rip those mods out and put into armor I would actually like to use?, which ultimately is the crunch for me. If I am unable to take out from the legacy and put into the actual look I would like, I wont do it,haha.

Obviously the whole idea of doing this, is to not have to grind my PT firebug through hell basically to get the armor that my merc has which is perfect for PT firebug.