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That's actually pretty good. Since you can't not get more than enough Shield while maximizing mitigation and stat budget and the ratings don't account for that, having slightly more Absorb than "recommended" is actually recommended.

As to your relics, your first goal should be getting one of the DG heal proc relics: it's the BiS relic for Shadows. From there, either get a DG abs proc relic or an EWH Defense relic (your other passive relic option is Shield rating and you've already got more than enough of that). The DG tank use relics aren't that great because the devs nerfed their uptime; the Camp shield/abs use relic is decent because it still has the 30 sec duration, but I still wouldn't use it over either of the other 2.
What about for Jugg-Hybrid tank? should I go with EWH shield relic + DG abs proc relic OR straight EWH shield relic + EWH def relic. I'm torn out between those two combinations for PVE...
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