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Jedi can be done in an interesting way. (Of course, if you make the "goody two shoes" their only character trait, they aren't interesting.
The thing is,if they are not goody two shoes,they don't qualify for an exemplary jedi.So basicaly if you are a good jedi,you are boring.Yoda is boring for me ,not not mention annoying.Basicaly all jedi from the movies are boring,except Anakin,and he is what you call in swtor dark side jedi knight.
Of course there are exceptions.But they are not in the movies.

Would also like to point out that i didn't grew up with the movies( i dont like them) as some people here,my introduction to the Star Wars universe was Kotor 1 and 2,so maybe that effects my opinion.

Sith and grey jedi are much more multi dimensional.

Damn,im bored at work .