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I couldn't have said it better myself. I stopped caring about 16m Ops in this game long ago simply because people don't care and are generally a lot less skilled than what I am used to compared to, say, WoW raiding community. I can hardly imagine there being an MMO based on raiding that has a worse playerbase than what I've been witnessing in this game since the major exodus around patch 1.2.
Totally agree... I remember my youth on Wow with 40m Ops and can't even imagine it on SWTOR.
8m seems a joke in relation to 16m, not only by the difference between of difficulty... but clearly because it's hard to fight 16 men really good on just doing their jobs!
I really think that's now impossible to make a 25m or 40m Ops on this game like it was in Wow Vanilla... good old time
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