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honestly, i would condone a little dev abuse. just look at blizzard, they get constantly assaulted, and it gets results. they always break. if it gets results, i'm all for it.
Blizzard does what they want. Yes, the respond when they feel they should, but it's just the fact that gamers are constantly being such a pill to them that they think that's what pushing them to make changes but it's really not. There are times when consumers need to get angry, but being downright abusive and insulting is never going to help matters.

And "results" is in the eye of the beholder. They're pretty slow, honestly. They had some very crippling exploits going on with PVP at MOP's launch and it took them forever to fix it. There's so many basic quality of life stuff that other games have had at launch that Blizzard still hasn't picked up on, a lot of class balance/utility issues, cosmetic issues, that they have promised they'd work on, and haven't got to.
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