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yep so would i. i played a sniper in beta so as to not spoil the BH storyline, but now i wish i had just stuck with sniper. in the first place. i have a level 29 alt sniper, but i am the most unmotivated mmo leveler ever
Mines lvl 20 at the moment and I'm seriously thinking about using my commando to help grind WH gear for him for when he hits 50 and sending it to him with legacy gear.

Though, more than likely, if 1.7 hits and mercs/mandos do not receive a much needed buff, along with a much needed nerf to other classes, I'll finally just throw in the towel.

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Just as it happened in 1.6 NOTHING will be given in 1.7 as well. Something whispers in my mind that we won't get a thing until Makeb. I almost gave up swtor too. If not a guild leader i'd play something else for sure. As for playing a sniper/PT..., i tried both and have 50lvl on each oh them. Love my commando still. Having fun on my low lvl alts from time to time but nothing serious. If 1.7 won't bring a change, i'll give up TOR till Makeb.
I find it amazing that you'd spend money on an xpac for a game that is a disappointment.