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Sorry. He again apologized.

Your getting distracted. How about we try a new training and come back to this one in a more quiet area? He stood up and beckoned Rafeesh to do so as well.

Okay. He said as he stood.

Now lift every object in this room, but keep them perfectly upright. He commanded.

Rafeesh was startled at such a demand. I'll try. He closed his eyes and began meditating. As he did so, many of the objects in the room lifted staying upright. But before all items were raised Rafeesh stopped. That is all I can do.

That is all you can for now, you mean. The form sighed, as he said this. Again, but this time let go.

Okay. Rafeesh repeated the process, with similar results, except Rafeesh lifted himself an inch off the floor before stopping. He breathed heavily for a minute. Is that proof enough? I can't do this.

Your mind says it can't, that is why you are unable. You will continue to do this until you lift everything and hold it for five minutes. He then sat down and waited.

Rafeesh continued to try. Again, and again he would lift many objects but not all.
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