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01.15.2013 , 09:06 PM | #1994
Still no resolution.

I sent a direct, plainly worded email to support last evening outlining my expectactions for the actions required on their part to keep me on as a loyal, paying(since release, plenty of entertainment dollars burning a hole in my pocket), if somewhat diisappointed customer. Instead of an actual reply I received an automated repsponse back making it painfully obvious that no one actually read said email or cared as to its actual contents. Same canned 'You'll have to call us for help blah blah blah' nonsense. Been down that road three times at this point and have a difficult time ibelieving the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh etc time will any differnt.

There's no issue with my card. There's no issue with my bank. There's no issue with my address. The issue is on your end, confirmed by one of your supervisors. I shouldn't be calling you to get resolution. You should be calling me. And under no circumstances will I be providing you with a photo ID. I'm not buying a bottle of Scotch. And most importantly, when I do buy a bottle of Scotch, the person behind the counter taking my money doesn't get to keep a copy of my ID to do god knows what with from that point forward.

To further add to my frustration level I also received the 'hey, don't forget to apply a payment method to your account for when your subscription comes due' email. Awesome. Thanks for the reminder.