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01.15.2013 , 07:31 PM | #1
Seems like for the last few weeks, almost every single WZ I have been in is always an extremely 1-sided game. The bomb gets planted in 18 seconds, proving it was 1-sided to start with. Then 2 people quit 19 seconds into the game.

And I'm not complaining that I lose, because thats not even relevant. I'm either on the steamroll team, or I'm grouped with the noobs and getting stomped. Its all good either way, but close games are almost non-existant.

This seems to have happened right after 1.6 maybe because everyone and their mother started to PvP more, with WH gear being so cheap. This seems to have led to tons of alts in WZ, sinking the ship lol

It was never this bad, hopefully it picks back up one day. Anyone else seeing this?
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