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greetings, friends!

i'm Lørhin, self-appointed Head of the guild's Smuggling Department, as well as the infamous Shooter of People's Faces, and creator of the "Smug Tanking" discipline. sadly, i'm not here to brag about my numerous accomplishments as a certified Republic Privateer, but i've come here due to another title having been bestowed on me: Recruiter of Heroes.

i am the Co-Boss in our guild, The Heroes of The Republic, and i am here today to look for some promising recruits. a little about ourselves...

  • we are a mid-sized guild who's members are very friendly, loyal, and helpful.
  • we have a Guild Website, as well as our own Ventrilo server.
  • we're more on the casual side, though we do enjoy end game content, pvp, GSF and conquests.
  • most of us have multiple level 60s and enjoy rolling alts to level with one another from time to time.
  • we are predominantly Republic, but we do have an Imperial guild (The Heroes of The Empire).
  • our Pub guild has a flagship, "The Party Bomber", and our Imp guild has a stronghold on Dromund Kaas.
  • as far as the age range in our guild goes, i think we're mostly around college-aged and older.

we're not really looking to become a huge guild. we're more interested in quality over quantity. as far as what we are looking for in members...well, people who play nice with others is a start. we are very "newb" friendly and will accept F2P players with open arms. veterans are great, too. we could always use more people for Ops. people of all ages are welcome. all classes are welcome. all roles are welcome.

if any of you fine people think that you would like to get to know our guild a little more, or are interested in joining, feel free to shoot me a PM here. or if you're feeling lucky, you can try and catch me in game Pub side on Lørhin (alt code 0248), Shylar or Rucen. you can also catch me Imp side on Temyah or Bashilna. i do have a lot of alts though, so it might be easier to reach me here on the forum, or to just send me an in game mail on one of the above toons.

thank you, gentlebeings, for taking the time to read this. may the Force be with you all. play hard.

Lørhin Kipplar
Republic Privateer
The Heroes of The Republic

P.S.: if you ever find any contraband, call a professional. here's my holofrequency: 0846567
Lorhin - SS/DF Gunslinger
Sashel - Sawbones Scoundrel