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The basic reason is because SWTOR and WoW use vastly different enemy group compositions.

For 99% of group content, WoW throws out lots and lots of identically ranked enemies: they all deal roughly the same amount of damage and require roughly the same amount of time to kill. As such, since everything deals the same amount of damage and takes the same amount of time to kill, you just need to have a defined kill order so the the DPS doesn't yank threat off of the tank and stuff dies as quickly as possible to decrease incoming damage as quickly and efficiently as possible.

TOR is *drastically* different. Rather than just throwing out groups of elites, you can find the full spread of enemy ranks in content: weaks, standards, strongs, elites, *and* champions are all present in trash groups. In addition, the damage capability of the relative ranks is not the same progression as the time-to-kill: damage increases by roughly 25-50% per rank whereas time-to-kill increases by roughly 100% with each rank. As such, the most efficient way to reduce incoming damage is to kill the lowest ranked enemies first: a standard takes half the time to kill compared to a strong but deals 75% of the damage. In addition, trash packs in TOR are *substantially* larger than trash packs on WoW: you can expect to see 5-7 enemies in a *small* trash pack in TOR (2-3 strongs, 2-3 standards, 1-2 elites) and upwards of 10-12 in a large trash pack; WoW generally throws out 2-3 elites at a time with large packs cresting 7 *at most*. Combine this with the fact that WoW trash trends to prefer to congregate in melee whereas trash in TOR almost always has at least a few ranged enemies that will never move from their spot and will just stand where they are, spread out, and happily shoot you all day long. WoW's trash makes it *really* easy to keep aggro on a group by having the NPCs themselves do the work of sticking together; TOR trash generally prefers to stay spread out so you can't just keep aggro on everything by using tangential AoE. Furthermore, WoW very rarely hits the tank with CCs or knockbacks; if you've tanked in TOR for any appreciable period of time, you learn that you're gonna get tossed around and stunned *all* the time in trash.

In plainer text, it's because WoW doesn't use varied ranks in group content, doesn't use loads of enemies that exclusively use ranged attacks, and doesn't use the same degree of control effects on the tank.
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